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Please make sure you understand the following five simple rules of our Membership Agreement before registering:

1) To be free of ridicule and harassment.

Everyone is entitled to their own opinion. If you don't agree with someone on a topic, that does not give you the right to ridicule or (especially) harass that person. You are more than welcome to disagree with someone, but express your opinion in a way that is not offensive to the other person.

This rule applies to the forums AND emails sent to a C7VR Member by a C7VR Member.

If anyone is found to be breaking this rule (1 time), their membership will be terminated!

2) No foul or inappropriate language.

There are plenty of ways to express yourself strongly without using foul or inappropriate language. Try the "cussing" smiley, for instance.

If anyone is found to repeatedly break this rule (3 times), their membership will be terminated!

3) No display of or reference to explicit or suggestive material.

Images and/or links to sites containing nudity, sexually explicit, sexually suggestive, or pornographic content will not be tolerated. This also includes domain names in e-mail addresses.

If anyone is found to be breaking this rule (1 time), their membership will be terminated!

4) Valid Email Addresses and Online Access

Access to the Online features of C7VR requires that you maintain a Valid Email Address and keep your C7VR Profile updated with your Current Valid Email Address.

If any email that is sent to a member is returned to C7VR for ANY reason (invalid email address, email box full, account over quota, SPAM blocked, etc), your online access to C7VR may be denied. To restore your access, you must update your Profile with your Valid Current Email Address that will accept email from all C7VR email accounts.

5) No unauthorized posting of business advertisements

Posting of advertisements for any business anywhere on C7VR (including the forums) is not allowed except by Official Sponsors of C7VR.

NOTE: The exception to this rule is a link or text reference to a business that you are recommending to someone in response to a question. But, you may not post such references if you are in anyway affiliated with the business.

Posting of such unauthorized advertisements (URL Links, Images, Text, etc) will be removed by C7VR administrative or moderating staff. A warning will be issued to the offender. If another attempt is made to post unauthorized advertisements, the offender's account will be disabled.

At the Official C7 Vette Registry we know that you like your privacy.

That is why any information we collect from you WILL NEVER be provided to anyone outside of Official C7 Vette Registry.

We may use your email address to notify you of announcements and special offers from Official C7 Vette Registry from time to time.

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